The moment again,

The kisses and touching the best ever again,

It feels so going in good again she says

Enjoyed and savored

Prolonged again and again,

Deep and enjoyed again,

Enjoyed again

The relentless drive appreciated


Passion in waves sincere

The cling of wetness closest of all,

She loves and always remembers

The pleasure seems endlessly continuous

When it happens

The thought of it makes it happen,

Blooming flower she,

She blooming out of you,

A slight lemony smell of delight,

You found this core to stretch and pump and

Tongue tease

A vascular bastion throbbing

For long hours languished in you…




The sound of it seems so simple

The meaning seems so clear

The practice of it seems easy to do

The knowledge of it yields satisfaction

Sometimes under some circumstances

It fails the promise even for the most consistent

Because it has to happen perfectly

It really assumes too much of a person

Because this person must do this for the self

And it just doesn’t work

Yet we all crave it and want it

And the Narcissists demand it…

As though we’d ever find them earning it